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Patrick Designs offers viable solutions for new construction and remodeling projects. Based in Dallas, TX, we specialize in CAD plotting, and we also offer design, new construction, and remodeling services. Whether you want to renovate the facade of your house or you are planning to build a home addition, we are the specialists who will guarantee your satisfaction.

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Why Choose Our Services?

We strive to provide excellent CAD plotting, design, and remodeling services that epitomizes all modern standards and will meet your unique requirements. To do that, we hire experienced specialists who know how to handle any task. Using high-quality products and equipment, we can complete even the most difficult jobs without any hassle. Contact us today!

How Are We Different?

Known for our integrity and operating at reasonable rates, Patrick Designs is the remodeling and drafting company that will meet your requirements in a timely and efficient manner. From planning and design to new construction, remodeling, and facade improvement work, we do it all. With our company, you will enjoy remarkable results.

If you own a home or business in Dallas, TX and want to hire a remodeling and drafting company that can help you with your project, why not turn to us! We will exceed your expectations. Make sure you are turning to skilled and experienced professionals and call us at (214) 974-8309 to book an appointment!

Services List

  • Construction Project Planning Services
  • Building Design Services
  • New Construction Services
  • Remodeling Services
  • Facade Improvement Services